Quake survivors to be housed in tents

Survivors of the Bam earthquake could be regrouped into three immense tent villages to facilitate complex aid distribution and sanitation monitoring.

Survivors without shelter have had to brave freezing conditions
Survivors without shelter have had to brave freezing conditions

A UN spokesman, Ted Purn, said on Wednesday that the Iranian authorities currently plan on creating camps of 600 tents each.

The tents will house victims currently scattered throughout the city and will be put up almost on the remains of their former homes.

The current scattering of survivors makes the distribution of aid difficult and could cause sanitation problems, Purn said.

Relief effort 

“With a village of tents, monitoring sanitation and the distribution of food and warm clothes will be easier.”

Setting up the camps could start from Wednesday, he added.

The main United Nations humanitarian agencies, UNICEF, the High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Food Programme, and the World Health Organisation are currently in  Bam.

About 130 planes from 40 countries have also flown in emergency aid and equipment, along with 1700 foreign rescue workers.

The disaster is estimated to have killed up top 50,000 people and left thousands homeless in freezing conditions.

Source: AFP

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