Flooded town gets help from TV

Three months after airing a story on a flood-damaged Pakistan town, Al Jazeera returns with donations.

Three months ago, Pakistan suffered weeks of devastating floods that left millions homeless and put much of the country’s breadbasket underwater.

Among Al Jazeera’s reports on the fallout, viewers found one particulary affecting: A story filed from Shangla, where floodwaters washed away the generators that provided the town’s only power.

Donations for Shangla rolled into correspondent Sohail Rahman’s mailbox from Qatar residents and UK schoolchildren alike, so he decided to return to Shangla with the $1,700 in tow to see what it could buy.

Source : Al Jazeera


Al Jazeera’s Sohail Rahman has been reporting on the Pakistan floods for the past week and has watched the crisis unfol

6 Aug 2010
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