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Given the current state of military affairs in Iraq, would you support US military action against any other country in the near future? What if North Korea or Iran presented a confirmed nuclear threat?

Monika Blaumerller

Washington, DC

Business development consultant

I would be very suspicious. I would want to see very solid reasoning.






John Golden


Computer company representative 

I don’t think that you should tie any two actions, unless they’re directly related. You’re policy as a nation in this matters, I think you should be consistent, but I don’t think you should react based on one action in the world to another, unless they are directly related.

Dilli Karki
Limousine driver
If there is a nuclear bomb in North Korea or Iran then American will have to go to war, because this is for the entire world.


Petra King


Washington, DC 

Of course I would support it—anything to protect the homeland. My mother always told me that it’s better to be safe than sorry.



Aeron Kopriva

Washington, DC

School teacher

I think Bush has done a very good job of sticking to his guns and making a lot of decisions for us, so whatever the rhetoric would be, I find it very unlikely that we would go to war with another country.


Randy Robertson

Washington, DC
I don’t want to see us go to war with any country. I don’t want to see that happen, but what must be will be… If the Americans end [the operation in Iraq] successfully, it will give everyone else pause for thought, won’t it? You have other powers there who would like to see the US fail. Because after all, if you have a successful democracy in Iraq, don’t you think that’s going to worry the Saudis and the Iranians? It’s in their interest to see this fail.

George Saatsakis

Washington, DC


I would definitely support US interests against any outside force that had the potential to cause harm to others, because if we have the ability to protect ourselves and others, we need to. If we don’t, who will we rely on?



Ralph Solomon

Washington, DC


I think we have to really table new attitudes after 9/11. Nothing is ever going to be the same again. I’d rather be proactive on this.



Berin Uriegas

Washington, DC

Computer programmer

I don’t really want us to go into any place and actually start a war. Defending ourselves, I don’t have a problem with… Definitely there is the problem of spreading yourself too thin. But I’m more concerned with—I don’t want us looking for fights.


Charles Washburn
Washington, DC
Retired postal worker
This present thing in Iraq doesn’t seem to be working. [Iraqis] want us to get out.




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