Comments: America is going to loose this war

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Sandy Shank’s editorial: America is going to loose this war.

If America wants to give Iraqis freedom, then it needs to get out now. We are doing no good there fighting people who are the good guys, while we support its puppet American-appointed government.

The longer we stay, the more blood of American forces and Iraqis is shed. We might as well write in blood on our foreheads LOSERS are US.
Djermano, US

America will not pull out of Iraq until it either loses the war by suffering high casualties or wins. As far as we see, America is losing the war and it will take at least four or five years to realise that. During this time, all this political cheap talk about withdrawing is no less than nonsense.
Stone, Saudi Arabia

You are either a traitorous punk who fails to see that God speaks to President Bush (overruling nearly all wise military counsel and the 85% of the American people who did not willingly vote for him.
This includes the 48% who would not vote), or you are right and we have been sold a bill of goods just like Vietnam.
Philip Lundquist, US

Mr Sandy Shanks, God bless you. Your article about the war in Iraq is great. I would like to add that America has already lost the war.
Nawal al-Mashhad, Syria

America lost this war right after its cowardly bombardment was over and boots hit the ground. The only way they can defeat resistance fighters is with indiscriminate bombing from air or sea; this is the US military’s one and only strength and you can bet that America’s next victim knows this all too well.
Alex, Australia

Who is this writer? He does not speak for me or anyone I know. It is, however, a demonstration of America’s greatest strength; free speech.
S Jonutis, US

What is the difference between winning and losing a war? In any case, everybody is losing.
Jeffrey Press, Mexico

I agree that the reason the war is presently being lost is that the current troop levels are not enough to keep control of the cities and towns after driving the insurgents out. As soon as the troops leave, the insurgents return.

However, looking at the current order of the US army in the battlefield; I do not see available troops to send to Iraq. We must also know that 40% of the current force is National Guard whose current contracts limit the number of times they can be sent.

This means that this summer the current levels of troops will have to fall, due to the fact that additional troops will not be available to replace the troops scheduled to return.
George Lewis, UK

We have just celebrated in the Western world the event of three wise men visiting the Middle East some 2000-plus years ago.

Now we pray that three very unwise men, who also visited the Middle East, can be indicted and tried as war criminals.

Bush, Blair & Howard should be condemned for what they are.
Peace to all in the world.
Albie Manton, Australia

Source: Al Jazeera

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