Your view: Iraq, three years on

As the third anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq approaches, arguments continue to rage over the reasons for going to war and its consequences, both for Iraq and the world as a whole.

Three years on, we want to hear what you think – and, if you have them, we want to see your pictures.


Although no weapons of mass destruction were found, do you think the war was still justified?


Do you agree with suggestions that the war opened a “Pandora’s box” and has pushed Iraq to the brink of civil war? Or do you think a new Iraqi government can restore peace, prosperity and unity to the country?


What do you think the implications of the US-led invasion are for regional stability and global relations?


Will the fall of Saddam Hussein and his current trial heal the wounds of Iraq’s past?


Send us your thoughts on and we will publish a selection as the anniversary approaches. You can contact us using the form to the right.


We would also like to see your pictures of life in Iraq three years on. If you live in Iraq or have visited or served there, you can also send your photographs to: [email protected]


Please remember to include your name (if you prefer, you do not have to use your full name, or you can use an alias) and country where you live. Please also include a caption or some background about the picture.


We will publish a selection of your comments and images as the anniversary approaches.


Please note: Aljazeera reserves the right to edit and use any submissions as we see fit, although you will retain copyright over any images submitted. You should not endanger yourself or others in obtaining any photographs sent to us.

Source : Al Jazeera

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