1967: Clips of Al Jazeera coverage

A conflict that reshaped the Middle East and changed the destiny of millions.

Al Jazeera English marks 40 years since the 1967 war – a conflict that reshaped the politics of the Middle East and changed the destiny of millions of lives.


We portray the progression of division from the capture of the Western Wall and East Jerusalem to today’s separation barrier that now stands as a permanent symbol of the repression of Palestinians and the insecurity of Israelis.


We look at the people and places at the heart of the ongoing conflict and we ask today’s leaders and today’s youth about how they view the consequences of the war and whether there is room for peace.


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At 7.10am on 5 June 1967 Israel attacked Egypt. The fighting lasted barely 130 hours. Thousands lost their lives, but the repercussions of the Six Day war have been bloodier and far long reaching than anyone could have imagined. Includes a time lapse map outlining the military developments of the war.



Big Question: One

What impact did the war have on the region?

Al Jazeera asks diplomats and politicians what impact the 1967 war had on the Middle East region.




The Sinai Prisoner

More than 4,000 Egyptians were taken prisoner by Israel during the occupation of the Sinai. Hundreds are alleged to have been massacred by Israeli troops. We meet one veteran who reflects on how his capture has endured as a theme through his life.



Walk and Talk / Sami Zeidan with Uri Avnery

Al Jazeera takes a walk around the Old City of Jerusalem and discusses Israel’s shock victory and rise of the newly formed state as a regional military power with former Knesset member, peace activist and Israeli journalist, Uri Avnery.




Two Generals / David Chater

Al Jazeera takes an Israeli platoon commander and a Jordanian officer in the Arab legion back to the city where they faced each other across the frontline. The journey through their personal recollections shows how the war created divisions that still exist here 40 years on.


Children of the War / Hashem Ahelbarra

[Part 1: Syria]

Al Jazeera travels from Syria to Jordan to tap into the mood of a generation that has inherited problems created 40 years ago by the 1967 war.



Division in Labour / Ayman Mohyeldin

Al Jazeera examines the differences in farming conditions between Palestinians and Israeli settlers in the town of Gilgad. Subsidies for Israeli settlers leave Palestinian farmers at a considerable disadvantage, but the significance of the land on which they farm means they will never give it up.

Israel’s Curse / Jacky Rowland

Al Jazeera examines the long-term political implications of Israel’s occupation of a vast area of newly conquered land after the 1967 war. Jacky Rowland took a look at the settler movement in the Occupied Territories.

Nowhere To Go / Walid Batrawi

Al Jazeera takes a journey between Ramallah and Bethlehem, the cities in the West Bank are just 26km apart but travelling between them is a major challenge for Palestinians faced by Israeli checkpoints.

Big Question: Two

What impact has the war had on your life?
Al Jazeera asks diplomats and politicians about the lasting effects of the 1967 conflict on their lives.

A Tale of Two Cities / Sami Zeidan
Al Jazeera looks at the city of Jerusalem which is divided between its Arab population in the east and Jewish population in the west.





Children of the War / Conversations

In a fly-on-the-wall report we captured a conversation between three young leftists (ages 27-33) who discuss how their lives and their identities have been shaped by the fact that Israel actively occupies another people and their land.


No Man’s Land / Ayman Mohyeldin

When Israel‘s security barrier is completed, the wall will isolate nearly 60,000 Palestinians in almost 10 per cent of the West Bank on Israel‘s side.



Big Question: Three

What does the future hold for the Palestinian-Israeli situation
Al Jazeera asks diplomats and politicians about the way forward after 40 years of occupation following of the 1967 conflict.


The right of return

The plight of Palestinian refugees worsened considerably as a result of the 1967 war. Four hundred thousand Palestinians were displaced, half of whom were 1948 refugees displaced for a second time in less than two decades. This is the story of Haidar Abu Ghoush.


Silent Majority / Jacky Rowland

Opinion polls consistently suggest that 60 per cent of Israelis are in favour of a return to the 1967 borders and an end to the occupation. These people form a “silent majority”. Jacky Rowland speaks to Israeli leftists who say they represent the majority.


Source : Al Jazeera

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