Syria statement on US nuclear claim

Damascus denies US claims that North Korea help it build a nuclear reactor.

Below is the full text of the statement released by the Syrian embassy in Washington in response to US claims that Pyong Yang aided the construction of a nuclear reactor in Syria.

“The government of the Syrian Arab Republic regrets and denounces the campaign of false allegations that the current United States administration continually launches against Syria claiming the presence of nuclear activity.

“And while Syria utterly denies these allegations, it also stresses that this campaign aims primarily to misguide the US Congress and international public opinion in order to justify the Israeli raid in September of 2007, which the current US administration may have helped execute.

“It has become obvious that this maneuver on the part of this administration comes within the framework of the North Korean nuclear negotiations.

“Syria calls on the US to act responsibly and desist from creating further crises in the Middle East, which already suffers from the results and repercussions of failed American policies in the region.

“Furthermore, the Syrian government hopes that the international community and the American public, particularly, will be more cautious and aware this time around in facing such unfounded allegations.”

Source : News Agencies

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