Bangladesh buries mutiny dead

Thousands attend state funeral for officers killed in revolt by border guards.

Mourners travelled from across Bangladesh to attend the state funeral [Reuters]
Mourners travelled from across Bangladesh to attend the state funeral [Reuters]

“The dead were given full state honours and a 21-gun salute,” S.M. Salahuddin, the armed forces spokesman, said.

About 9,000 border guards rose up against their superiors on Wednesday in a revolt believed to have been provoked by poor pay and work conditions.

At least 80 officers have been killed and 70 others remain missing after the 33-hour revolt.

Special tribunals

The mutiny ended after Sheikh Hasina, the Bangladeshi prime minister, met a group of the Bangladesh Rifles border guard troops and threatened to put down their revolt by force.

Hasina had earlier offered the border guards an amnesty, but she retracted the offer after it became known that the mutineers had resorted to large-scale killings of their seniors.

The government has also decided to form special tribunals to try the guards linked to the killings.

Police said they had identified up to 1,000 suspects, and some could be charged with murder.

Hasina ordered the military to join the search for the mutineers, and also asked support from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United Nations and British police.

“We have given the rebels who fled 24 hours to surrender and that expired at 4pm Sunday, so I have summoned the army and other forces to hunt them,” she said after the deadline had passed.

Source : News Agencies

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