Bahrain crisis: Testing allies and opponents?

The US and Iran are criticising the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain over its detention of a Shia opposition leader.

Bahrain is drawing criticism from allies and adversaries alike as renewed protests worsen tensions that have gripped the Gulf kingdom since a 2011 uprising.

The latest demonstrations are calling for the release of Bahrain’s main opposition leader.

Ali Salman has been held for a week, accused of seeking to overthrow the monarchy by force.

His detention has been condemned by the US, UN, EU and also Iran, which has accused Bahrain of “bullying” its people.

Bahrain denounced what it called some countries’ “double standards” and “irresponsible statements”.

The regional and international fallout is adding to the challenges faced by Bahrain as it seeks to contain its domestic political crisis.

But four years after the initial calls for greater political freedoms, has the path to reform hit a roadblock – or a dead end?


David Foster


Adel Al Mo’Awda – A member of Bahrain’s Shura Council.

Ali al Aswad – A member of the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, and a former opposition MP.

Justin Gengler – A researcher at Qatar University who completed the first mass survey of political attitudes in Bahrain.


Source : Al Jazeera

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