American Voter: Nancy Shively

Al Jazeera’s American Voter series asks the same questions to voters across the US.

American Voter Nancy Shively [Al Jazeera]
American Voter Nancy Shively [Al Jazeera]

US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden are battling for the presidency in a sharply divided United States.

Trump has been focusing on “law and order”, Biden has been trying to strike a conciliatory note. The Black Lives Matter movement, and whether Trump will release his taxes are among the many issues Americans will consider when choosing their president.

As the hotly contested election approaches, Al Jazeera has been speaking to voters across the US asking nine questions to understand who they are supporting and why.

Nancy Shively

nancy shively

Age: 63

Occupation: Teacher, recently resigned over coronavirus

Residence: Osage County, Oklahoma

Voted in 2016: Donald Trump

Will vote in 2020: Joe Biden 

Top election issue: Voting out Trump

Will you vote? Why or why not?

“Yes, I will vote. I have always voted. I will vote again, because that’s the principle our country is founded on: democracy and people voting. So, it’s a duty and a privilege.”

What is your number one issue?

“My number one issue is electing a president who’s not crazy. That’s it. Donald Trump is not competent to occupy the position that he holds, and we need to elect somebody who is, so I’m going to vote for Joe Biden.”

Who will you vote for?

“Joe Biden”

Is there a main reason you chose your candidate?

“I’ve been voting in presidential elections since 1976. And I’ve always voted for the Republican candidate. But this year, the Republican candidate is a crazy person. So I will be voting for Joe Biden because he’s not a crazy person. It’s pretty much that simple.”

Are you happy with the state of the country?

“Absolutely not.”

“I am not happy with what President Trump has done to the federal government. He’s been very divisive. He’s been very corrupt. He’s damaged our foreign policy and our relationships with our allies. He has colluded with our enemies. His sycophants in Congress have enabled him to do all of the above. And so I am worried that America will never be the same if we have him for another four years.”

What would you like to see change?

“What I would like to see change is every congressional and elected official that has supported and bought into Donald Trump’s insanity, I would like to see them all removed from office because they have violated their constitutional oath.

“I hold them even more responsible than I hold Donald Trump because I don’t think he can help being what he is. I would like to see more justice when it comes to racial issues, I would like to see more policies that support the middle class.”

Do you think the election will change anything?

“Yes, I do.

“If we can get Donald Trump out of office, I think it will. It has to. So I’m not sure what that’s exactly going to look like. And I’m sure I will disagree with Joe Biden on many things, but I believe that he will put the fire out that’s currently consuming our country.”

What is your biggest concern for the US?

“My biggest concern is that we’re becoming a totalitarian country. Trump and his helpers have abused their power, they show no respect for the rule of law or for the constitution. And that’s a very, very dangerous place to be.”

Is there anything we haven’t asked about the election that you want to share?

“Everybody vote. That’s the only way, in spite of whatever obstacles the administration wants to throw in their path. I’ve heard people say if I have to crawl on broken glass, I’m going to vote.”

Source : Al Jazeera

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